Tessie McDowell

Tessie’s History

I have a passion for natural healing practices, ranging from energy work, sound therapy, therapeutic essential oils, soul therapy and massage therapy. It is my goal to educate clients on taking hold of their health and wellness through massage & other wholisitic methods to achieve & create optimal health in the mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical being. Self love is spoken highly of in my realm:) I have been practicing massage therapy & using Young Living essential oils for 11 years and still going strong. I have seen nothing but positive come out of combining massage with the essential oils on my clients and incorporating sound therapy and energy work upon request.

My specialties are: Deep tissue, NMT (Neuro Muscular Therapy), Swedish, & Aromatherapy

Tessie’s Story – Helping Awaken

As an emphatic healer I have been studying passionately in the fields of quantum physics, metaphysics, ancient healing techniques & enjoy traveling to ancient sites where i have had the experience of what some refer to as an “awakening”. I have been set on my path as a change agent in the world to expand ones conscious level and understand that you are the creator of your reality based on what you experience on an emotional level inside your being. Your thoughts create your reality. Since I was 15 years old I have had a passion in herbs, essential oils, energy healing, ancient wisdom and science. My career path started in massage therapy over 10 years ago and has evolved into other ways of healing through past life regression. I studied PLR under Deborah Skye King who personally studied with Dr. Brian Weiss.

Our lives are full of lessons, journeys and the opportunity to learn about ourselves and have an intimate relationship to ourself in order for us to have a healthy relationship to others. I assist you to step into a close relationship with yourself and have a healthy relationship with yourself in order to create healthy relationships with others. Healing begins by going within first.

Allys’ Story

I am grateful to serve you as a massage therapist. Everyone has a unique gift that they may utilize to change and help society; my gift to you is my hands. I have always worked and studied as a healer in some capacity. I obtained an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language, during which time I worked with children with disabilities. Right after graduating, I began graduate school for disability policy/special education, with a focus on autism. It was during this time that I became interested in healing this exceptional population of children and adults with my hands, and with other holistic modalities. After completing school, I became certified as a neurological trainer, and led a center for neural training at a doctors office. This type of holistic treatment for disorders and disabilities was very effective, and empowering to witness. After the birth of my son, I became certified in the state of Colorado to be a massage therapist; since the completion of my licensure, I have continued to study various massage techniques, and have received additional certifications. I have also used other sensory gifts, such as empathy and psychic awareness, to help people discover their full potential and heal as quickly as possible during massage sessions. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to provide massage therapy for children and adults with disabilities. I have also had many injury/trauma/medical massage clients, and have experience working with insurance companies, advocating for clients. My promise to all my clients is that I will never end my pursuit for education, new techniques, knowledge and expertise.

My specialties are:

Deep tissue and neuromuscular massage, I can provide almost any type of massage. Every single client is unique with their own needs; therefore, every massage I provide is completely different.

I am certified in the Bellanina facelift massage, and orthopedic massage, and am familiar with techniques from many cultures since every culture has something incredible to offer. I am most familiar with Ayurvedic technique, and am passionate about Chakra alignment. It’s the perfect balance of bodywork and psychological healing.

Other modalities that I work in:

-NMT/trigger point therapy
-Indian head massage
-Craniosacral T.
-chakra balancing & energetics
-proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) & stretching
-infant & child massage
-sports massage
-progressive muscle relaxation
-disability massage (for children and adults)
-medical massage
-shin splint release
-myofascial release
-spa services based on specific skin care needs (scrubs, wraps & masques)
-hot stone
-occipital release
-Orthopedic massage certified
-Lomi Lomi