I suffer from multiple physical issues as well as PTSD and meds do not work on me. I have tried many different treatments, as well as LMT at SPAs and nothing works. I stumbled upon Breath Of Life and decided to give it a try. Tessie is very attentive, calming, and very intuitive. I have very few days without anxiety or pain. However, after the few sessions I’ve had with Tessie, I leave there feeling calm, relaxed, and in a very good mood. I would highly recommend Breath of Life and Tessie to anyone.Tim H.
Tessie is a fantastic massage therapist. I exercise daily and I’ve had great results after a few sessions. I feel like I have more strength & endurance, and I recover faster after a workout. I also believe Tessie is a true healer…A little persistent cough I had for years disappeared during a session and my breathing is deeper and more relaxed. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a better balance of body, mind and soul.Tom L.
Tess Is amazing, she has really helped me with multiple issues that have been going on since i had surgery about 2 months ago. I have been struggling with Vertigo and some inner ear issues. She is very intuitive and knows what she is doing. Rod Q.
Great intuitive feel for where problems are in my muscles.My I.
This was the first time I saw Tess and the massage was fantastic. A lot of good breathing throughout the massage helped me relax. I left feeling loose and relaxed…. And then she followed up with me the next day to see how I was feeling. WOW!! What a great way to grow a business.Chris P.
I highly suggest getting any therapeutic service from Tessie. I’ve had one session with her, and I already feel I’m on the right track to recovery. I feel her continued help will be a part of making my life better.Aaron R.
Best massage I have ever had she is very personalLuke Y.